November 5, 2015


How do I make a reservation?

Beginnings are important. Luckily, getting started is simple — contact us by phone or by e-mail and we will schedule a time to meet, answer your questions, customize your listing, and begin managing your home. You can reach us at (857) 272-0868 or at We’re eager to hear from you.


What is pricing for complete AirBnB management?

We charge 25% of the listing to make sure you never lift a finger. By improving guest experience and optimizing your AirBnB listing, we aim to pay for ourselves by substantially increasing the revenue generated by your home.


Is there a set-up fee?

No, there is no fee to get started. We believe in aligning our incentives with yours, so we only make money when you do.


How much can I earn by listing my home on AirBnB?

For many hosts, short-term rentals make up a substantial portion of their income. Of course, earnings vary widely based on your location, local competition, number of bedrooms, home amenities, guest reviews and season (particularly in snowy NYC). If you get in touch, we are glad to provide a free projection.


Do you service my neighborhood?

We are rolling out service neighborhood by neighborhood — luckily, New York is dense and we can cover most of the City immediately. Contact us today to see if we support your location.


How do I feel comfortable that guests won’t harm my home?

There is a lot we can do to separate the good from the bad — most helpful is filtering for guests with verified identities who have stayed at other properties and received positive reviews. We also reach out to meet guests and understand their travel plans. We take the safety and security of your home seriously, and don’t take risks.


Is Happy Host insured in case guests damage my home?

AirBnB provides complete primary insurance for home damage, injury or theft for up to $1 million.


Which account will host the AirBnB listing?

You can continue to own your listing, earning positive reviews and coveted SuperHost status (with our help, of course!).


Do you operate outside of New York City?

Not yet. We gain by focusing our attention on the City we know and love.


Do you operate on weekends and state holidays?

To offer the highest degree of service, we operate year long. We put our boots up on Thanksgiving day, Christmas and New Years.

What services can I expect from Complete Management?


  • Creation & ongoing optimization of your AirBnB profile with photos
  • Optimize pricing based on seasonality, events, weekday, and patterns in local demand

Before each visit:

  • Response to all guest inquiries within 24 hours to earn or maintain super host status
    • Including guest identity verification to ensure security of the home
  • Proactive phone call to prospective guests to verify identity, answer questions, organize logistics
  • Coordinate cleaner visit, following AirBnB cleaning guidelines
  • Happy Host employee to inspect the apartment before the visit, change sheets and provide additional cleaning or tidying as needed
  • Happy Host to leave a welcome gift, toiletries, essentials and welcome card

At check-in

  • Happy Host to guarantee in-person check-in from 9am-7pm Monday through Friday; Will attempt after-hours & holiday check-ins in person based on availability
    • At check-in, Happy Host to provide a tour of the apartment, review host rules and provide personalized event & local recommendations
  • Happy Host to provide Key Cafe service for after hours or holiday check-ins & for cleaners
    • For remote check-ins, Happy Host to schedule a business-hours tour, or discuss the apartment and provide recommendations by phone

During stay

  • 24/7 emergency support in event of lockout, leak, broken window, heating issue, etc.
  • Serve as point of contact — answer guest questions and provide local recommendations
  • Manage check-out & next check-in time to allow same day reservations
  • For longer stays, coordinate interim cleaning, plant watering, replacement of soaps & essentials, etc.

After stay

  • As requested, coordinate and provide cleaning to apartment before host return (additional charge); otherwise, host to change sheets and provide any feedback on guest cleanliness
  • In the event of damage or theft, contact & coordinate with AirBnB host insurance
  • Write guest review and respond to guest review of host